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I have been working with systemic constellations (family and business constellations) in Malaysia and other Asian countries since 2008. Only few people in Asia have the necessary knowledge and experience to work with constellations based on the work of Bert Hellinger – father of constellation work as we know it now. We were fortunate enough to welcome foreign teachers like Dr. Nelles, Dr. Mahr, Svagito Liebermeister and others. All of those teachers bring fresh wind and new aspects to this beautiful work. And they help spreading it in Asia.

Still, when I look at Europe, so much more is happening in the constellation work. People are much more aware of the different approaches and benefits of this work. Many are joining the workshops to become more aware how the systemic entanglements are influencing our lives and what to do about it. Hundreds are joining the trainings to become facilitators – they realize that solving their own issues and entanglements create harmony and peace in their lives and they are passionate to share their experience with others.

There are thousands of facilitators in Europe and the awareness is spreading.

This is what is missing here in Malaysia, or in Asia in general. One person alone can’t bring so much change as many people coming from the similar space of knowledge. This is the reason why I started to train people in facilitating systemic constellations. My graduates are going out now and doing this amazing work in all walks of lives. Not only in Malaysia but as well in Singapore, Vietnam, Shanghai, Australia, La Reunion and also in Europe. The family of systemic constellation facilitators is growing and bringing the new awareness into every culture.

I feel really blessed that all of us are committed to share this beautiful work with others as well as keeping working on ourselves. This is the time to provide the platform for the new facilitators to share their knowledge, experience and grow the community.


We will build this website in 2016 together with the Certified Facilitators to make it a wonderful platform about family constellation.

In general we will publish

  • The list of Certified Facilitators
  • Family Constellation Workshops from all Facilitators,
  • Articles from the Facilitators
  • Tips for daily life